Dynamic weather discount

  • Based on geoposition and current weather.
  • We instantly compared your local weather to historical data from the same place and date.
  • The worse it was compared to average, the bigger the discount!
  • Thanks to a co-op with an e-retailer, purchase was just a tap away.

Instagram Competition

  • We invited Swedish women to show off their everyday winter weather, to compete for an escape to Miami.
  • All photos were displayed in an online gallery at tagtheweather.se
  • The photos were judged by a sun-spoilt jury of bloggers from Rio, Sydney and Miami.
  • If participants activated photo map their picture got a "bad weather score" that got higher the worse the conditions were.
  • The bloggers picked a favorite every day and videoblogged their motivation.

Finalist exhibition in Miami Beach

  • The 14 finalist photos were printed on canvases.
  • The exhibition took place on the rooftop of Hotel Breakwater in Miami Beach.
  • Jury member Steffy Kuncman presented the winning photo live on Facebook via a Bambuser stream.

the Results

Instagram & Facebook reach
91 % of all Swedish women 18-35.

Online sales of campaign product

Mobile reach:
3 000 000+ unique devices

Online sales of blades