Popaganda Music Festival - The pop charade release

Popaganda is a Swedish pop festival, held in Stockholm the last weekend of August. The release of the artist line-up is the festival's chance to stand out on a market cluttered with festivals and events.

This year we invited fans and journalists to take part in a game show on Instagram: Popaganda's Pop Charades, hosted by Swedish pop star Veronica Maggio who also headlines the festival. Follower were told to tune in to Popaganda's Instagram at a set date and time. After welcoming the participants, we released the artists one by one thru 17 video charades. Each charade was a clue leding to a new artist. The challenge for the participants was to guess which artist we were looking for, the first one to comment a charade with the correct artis name won two tickets to the festival. For every winner announced, a new artist name was lit up on the Insta festival poster. For three full hours, thousands of fans were hooked in front of Popaganda's Instagram. And news of the line-up quickly spread from Instagram to some of Sweden's biggest websites and blogs.