Ariel Fashion Shoot

Client: Procter & Gamble Nordics

Brand: Ariel Actilift Liquid Detergent

Campaign period: 29 aug - 3 sept 2011

Mission & Challenge:

Our mission was to launch the new formula Ariel Actilift liquid detergent by proving its stain-fighting power. The challenge was that consumers don't believe there's any major difference between the leading detergent brands.

So how do we prove to them that Ariel Actilift is exceptional at removing tough stains, without boring them to death along the way?


Ariel Fashion Shoot – an integrated campaign and a live interactive product demo at Stockholm Central Station and Facebook.

During six days, people all over Scandinavia could remote control a jam-shooting robot via Ariel's Facebook page and try to stain designer clothes to win them. The rules were simple: aim, stain and win! All stained clothes were washed live with Ariel Actilift and sent to the winner's home.


• 100% of the gaming slots were filled.
• 36 hours of live gaming.
• Over 25 000 new Ariel Facebook fans participated online.
• 1,2 million people passed the installation.
• 1010 happy winners received stain free clothes in the mail.
• 5 million+ media impressions, that's 20 % of Scandinavia's entire population!
• We reached 35 % of our target group in half the time it takes with a heavy rotation TVC campaign.