Ariel Fashion Shoot - Facebook Application

Client: Procter & Gamble Nordics

Brand: Ariel Actilift Liquid Detergent

Campaign period: 29 aug - 3 sept 2011

Facebook app screenshots:

The Ariel Fashion Shoot Facebook app allowed anyone in Scandinavia to remote control a robot and try too shoot lingonberry jam, chocolate and ketchup at 1 000 pieces of white clothing, including exclusive designer labels. The robot was placed in a glass cube at Stockholm Central Station.

The action was streamed LIVE Monday to Saturday between 15 pm. and 21 pm. The rules were simple: aim, stain and win! When you got in line to play, you could easy see when you were up. 30 seconds before your turn, a countdown clock started.

It was very easy to play. You controlled the robot with your mouse and fired by clicking. You had three shots and 30 seconds to hit a garment. If you managed to hit one, you won it!

Winners then entered their home address and the garment was sent to their home (but first we washed it, streamed live of course).

Here's the laundry camera where participants could see their newly stained clothes being washed clean. In total, you could switch between 5 camera angles, beside the laundry camera…

…the robot camera view pictured here, the POV camera, a camera directed at the robot and a camera placed on the robot's arm.

The latter documented every hit…

…allowing winners to instantly share their triumph on Facebook.

Every now and then, the cleaning staff got in to clean up the gaming area. Even the cleaning was streamed live and enhanced the live experience even more.